Why can’t I enter the router management page by entering 192.1681.1 in my mobile phone?

1. Since your router’s description is 192.1681.1, refer to this method for input connection through the browser, but make sure that the computer network card and the LAN port of the router have network cable connections.
2. When the connection is normal, a pop-up window will appear asking for the user name and password. Follow the instructions on the manual, usually ADMIN.
3. Login and set the account number, password, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS. Some routers also need to set up VPI/VCI, which must be based on the data provided by telecommunications.
4. Access lines provided by telecommunications, to insert the router’s WAN port
5. Set to choose to save and restart.
If you can’t enter the configuration interface, you can restart the router’s RESTART and reset it to the default.